Photography Policy

Whilst Hampshire Ladies Golf does not seek to prohibit those with a legitimate interest in filming or photographing children participating in sporting activities it recognises that such activity should take place within an appropriate policy framework.

This policy applies at any Hampshire Ladies Golf event at which children under the age of 18 are participating.


The Hampshire Ladies Golf policy is as follows;

  • The welfare of children taking part in golf is paramount.
  • Children and their parents/carers and/or Hampshire Ladies Golf should have control over the images taken of children at Hampshire Ladies Golf events.
  • The golfing activity should not be misused purely for the purpose of obtaining images of children.
  • Images should not be sexual or exploitative in nature or open to misinterpretation and misuse.
  • The identity of children in a published image should be protected so as not to make the children vulnerable. (If the name of an individual golfer is published with their photograph to celebrate an achievement other personal contact details should never accompany the picture).


Official/professional photographers and those using ‘professional’ equipment

Hampshire Ladies Golf requires that anyone wishing to take photographic or video images, at any Hampshire Ladies Golf event at which children under the age of 18 are participating, in an official or professional capacity or using ‘professional’ camera or video equipment registers their details with the Hampshire Ladies Golf Championship Office. This must be done before carrying out any such activity on the golf course (including the practice ground) or surrounding area or in the clubhouse.

Once registered an identification label will be issued as confirmation of registration. Anyone found using photographic or video equipment without an appropriate identification label will be questioned.

Hampshire Ladies Golf reserves the right to refuse to grant permission to take photographic or video images if it sees fit.

Photographers must obtain consent from parents to take and use their child’s image.

Parents/carers/family members of competitors

Parents, carers and family members taking occasional informal photographs with mobile devices of their own child, ward or family member at a Hampshire Ladies Golf event do not need to register their details with Hampshire Ladies Golf.

If such photographs include other children (eg at a prize presentation) they should not be publicly displayed or published on social media unless the prior permission of the parents/carers of all the children in the photographs has been obtained.


If competitors or parents have any concerns they should raise them by contacting the Hampshire Ladies Golf Junior Committee immediately.

Hampshire Ladies Golf will notify the relevant authorities should it have any doubts as to the authenticity of any individual taking photographs.