Alresford Cup 2021

Congratulations to Sussex who become first time winners of the inter-county competition in it’s 16th year.

It was an absolute pleasure for Hampshire to co-host this fantastic inter-county event with Alresford Golf Club for the 16th year on Sunday 19th September. After sadly having to cancel last year’s event due to Covid, it was just wonderful to see 42 girls from Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Kent, Middlesex, Sussex and Surrey back out on the course for the 2021 competition. It did not disappoint.

Huge well done to all the teams that took part and a special mention to all the girls from the various counties that were representing their counties for the very first time. It was wonderful to see all of the supporters watching the girls tee off the 1st and 10th holes and to have a club house full of people creating a brilliant atmosphere for the prize giving.

We celebrated a hole in one on the 10th hole for Maisie O’Shea (Middlesex), the best individual score of 39 points belonging to Beatrice Cheverton (Sussex), and of course the teams placing in this year’s top three.

It was ever so close between all of the counties but especially in the top spots. Berkshire clinched 3rd place with their four best scores totalling 132, holders Middlesex came very close to retaining with a score of 133, but it was 5-girl Sussex who secured the win with a total of 134.

Of course, this day would not be successful without the unwavering support of Alresford Golf Club, their staff, their members, our lovely starters Mark & Di, fabulous shepherdesses and Mary Rook who organises a huge amount for the day is a font of knowledge for this event. On behalf of all the counties that take part, thank you so much.

Thanks also go to the Hampshire Ladies Golf committee; Captain Jill England, our press officer Kate Dymott, Safeguarding Officer Liz Williams and Referee Carron Schuster for all their help and support on the day.

Last but not least, a big thank you to all of you who took part. All of the girls, all the Junior Organisers and all of the parents. Thank you for continuing to support this event. We love having you and look forward to seeing you all in 2022. Organisers, save Sunday 25th September in your diaries and look out for confirmation from us shortly.

See the breakdown of the team results here >>

See the results table here >>

Team photos are all available below. If you click on your team photo it should open a high resolution version that you can download and print.

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