Staying connected and fit during lockdown

With the Covid-19 lockdown well and truly underway, it was obvious that our Hampshire girls were already missing the routine of regular coaching sessions, and it was therefore vital to ensure our girls stay connected, and remain focused on their fitness and wellbeing during this unusual time.

With that in mind, our Hampshire Girls coach, Kevin Flynn, was determined to keep the girls moving and thought it a good idea to start providing virtual fitness sessions on ‘zoom’ (the most popular tool to come out of lockdown!).

The girls were definitely up for it, and all logged into the call ready to see what Kev would be making them do. With music in the background, Kev had the girls doing a warm up routine, then basic exercises such as squats, jumping jacks and reverse lunges. It ended with stretching and a cool down.

All the girls thoroughly enjoyed it and agreed it should become a regular thing.

Kev has been providing the sessions approximately 3 times a week, and it is now week 8!

Thanks Kev for keeping us all fit during the lockdown! Maybe we could continue to do this at our coaching sessions once they are back up and running?!

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